With the popularity of themed entertainment continuing to rise in tandem with new technology, there exists massive opportunity to create immersive experiences and attractions based upon relevant creative content found in movies, music and video games, targeting all demographics from Generation Z and Millennials to families and people of all ages. In essence, the out-of-home experiential sector in the themed entertainment industry is full of growth with untapped potential that is becoming more and more prevalent and in demand within this space.

Capitalizing on this growth potential at the intersection of Location-Based Entertainment (LBE), Esports, Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and the world of Motion Simulation, industry veterans have joined forces to launch Undisclosed Enterprises. Their goal is to push beyond boundaries and create highly unique immersive experiences and attractions within these markets. Having complementary backgrounds and skill sets, they possess the practical experience to shepherd ambitious ideas, from raw concepts to final projects, expanding the limits of what’s possible in the world of modern Experiential Entertainment.

Undisclosed Enterprises having the ability to design, develop and deploy its own extraordinary attractions, based upon its own intellectual property, is committed to boldly pushing beyond boundaries and conceiving immersive experiences that have a powerful impact on all participants. Creating and producing experiential entertainment that is both commercially successful and critically acclaimed requires an acute knowledge of the trade that only decades of practical, real-world experience can provide. By tapping its network of industry veterans, as well as the rising stars, the company will be able to assemble powerful teams that meets any project’s exact needs. From conception to execution, Undisclosed Enterprises has the proven knowledge and relationships to craft truly unparalleled immersive experiences and attractions that will change and create the future of Experiential Entertainment.

Conceptual Projects in Development:
● The Hypogeum: Esports Arena and Gamer’s Lounge
● Alpha Bravo Time Warp: Flight 19 Recovery Program
● The Glitch: Ultimate Escape World
● RoboGyroSphere: Mech Challenge
● Sector 37: Alienthropic Warfare Laboratories